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Bay Pines – Boating When Living in The Bayou Club, Bardmoor, Bayou West or Bayou Cove and Surrounding Areas

Bay Pines

Public Boat Ramp at Bay Pines

When my husband and I moved to the area Bayou Club| Bardmoor in January of 2002, we knew that living in Largo, FL and boating would somehow have to go hand-in-hand for us. We moved to Florida from Chicago, didn’t buy a house on the water with a dock, but knew that we would want to make boating part of our new, Floridian lifestyle. In the fall of 2002 we bought a smaller boat, a 19 ft. Regal, and have been happily boating ever since.

Most people living in Largo, FL, do not have a house or a condo with a dock on the water, Largo is in Central Pinellas, and although the Bayou and Bardmoor Area and many other surrounding neighborhoods offer beautiful houses and condos, barely any of them are on boatable water. But Pinellas County has made it easy to combine living in Largo, FL and boating. Many Florida residents have their boats at marinas, or they keep them on trailers. Many subdivision’s deed restrictions do not allow boats to be parked in driveways, in The Bayou Club, Bayou West and Bayou Cove it is not allowed. We have a 3 car garage, and keep the boat trailer in the garage.  Anybody new to the area and/or looking to move here, if you are interested in boating, I’d be happy to help with my knowledge of the local deed restrictions pertaining to boats.

Entrance War Veterans Memorial Park

There are many high and dry marinas that will store your boat located right on the water, and many of them in close proximity to Largo, FL.  Since we have our boat on a trailer, we use the public boat ramps that are all over Pinellas County to go boating. Most often we use the ramp at “Bay Pines”, as boaters call it. It is a public boat ramp that is part of the War Veterans Memorial Park, a beautiful public Pinellas County Park, it is located at 9600 Bay Pines Blvd., St. Petersburg, FL.

The ramps at Bay Pines are wide and not too steep, they have just the right pitch, that it is easy to get the boat on the trailer even during low tide, without it being too steep that it is hard to pull out bigger, heavier boats. The floating docks are big and in good condition, so that they don’t scratch or damage boats that are tied up.

Bay Pines boat ramp morning mood

Bay Pines boat ramp

The Bay Pines ramp is located on “Long Bayou”, which leads via Boca Ciega Bay into the Gulf of Mexico. Its location is though well protected, and unless there is severe weather, the current is not very strong. Loading and unloading the boats is mostly a breeze here, I would recommend this ramp even for inexperienced boaters.

The Bay Pines Boat Ramp has restroom facilities, which are normally clean and well stocked, an added bonus after a long day of boating. The War Veterans Memorial Park itself is closed from dusk till dawn, but the boat ramp section is open 24/7. It costs $6.- to park a vehicle with boat trailer at the ramp, and $2.- to park a vehicle without trailer.

There is a big parking lot, even on weekends and Holidays the parking lot is not filled to maximum capacity for vehicles with boat trailers. However, there are only about 15 spots there for vehicles without trailers, so those are at a premium even during non-peak times.

Evening mood at Bay Pines boat ramp

Evening Mood at Bay Pines Boat Ramp

We have had many wonderful boating days that started and ended at the Bay Pines boat ramp, living in The Bayou Club, Bardmoor, Bayou West or Bayou Cove in Pinellas Park or Largo, FL area and going boating go indeed hand-in-hand, this is the Florida lifestyle at its best!

If you would like to learn more about The Bayou Club, Bardmoor, or other Bayou areas and the properties currently availabe, I would like to invite you to a personal tour of homes for sale in our area. Please call me at 727-480-4155 or contact me via ReachTanja@gmail.com.

I live in the area, I am a local expert, and I am here to help!

Tanja Cisliek |Realtor    ReachTanja@gmail.com     www.RealtorTanja.com  

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