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Business Review: Dr. Edward Busch, Seminole FL Dentist

Seminole FL Dentist Dr. Edward BuschWhenever somebody asks me about a referral for a good dentist in Seminole, FL, the answer is Dr. Edward Busch on Seminole Blvd.

Dr. Busch is not only a good dentist, he is an EXCELLENT dentist, and I have heard that first-hand from several of his patients!

Dr. Busch’s mission statement says that he wants to be his patients’ lifetime dentist. True to that statement, patients of all ages are welcome at his office, and he offers a wide range of services from simple preventative procedures like cleanings, to full mouth rehabilitation and complex esthetic dentistry.

Dr. Busch is a father of two and wonderful with children as well, I would definitely recommend his practice for children with simple oral questions and concerns. His staff and Dr. Busch himself are very kind and patient, they even have a treasure box for children. His more seasoned patients often seek his experience in esthetic dentistry, and his patients -and often also their spouses!- benefit greatly from one of his lesser-known services: Dr. Busch also treats sleep apnea and snoring!

Better Bites By Busch Seminole FLOne of the positive things I continuously hear about Dr. Edward Busch as a dentist in Seminole is that he is patient, compassionate, answers any questions very thoroughly, and takes his time with his patients. Better Bites by Busch Dentistry is not only equipped with modern technology, but also very friendly and professional.

I find it a pleasant surprise to walk into a dentist’s office and see nobody waiting in the waiting room. That shows me Dr. Busch’s office is well-organized and respects my time, they don’t ask patients to arrive before their actual time slot, just to make sure the dentist is always busy. No, they book an appointment, and normally the Dentist is ready to see the patient at the appointed time. Who wants to sit in the waiting room with a toothache?

Many people are nervous about seeing the dentist, and I really hope that I can help some residents of Seminole, FL and surrounding areas to find a new, lifetime dentist in Dr. Edward Busch.

office building Better Bites by BuschHis office is located at:

Better Bites by Busch Dentistry

10170 Seminole Blvd.

Seminole, FL 33772

Tel. 727-395-9330


His practice has an excellent website with lots of helpful information, and you can contact them by clicking right here. Oh, and Dr. Busch received his dental degree at the University of Florida, so if you are a Gator and looking for a new dentist, this is a no-brainer!

If you are looking for a great dentist in Seminole, FL, call Dr. Edward Busch’s office at 727-395-9330!


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